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My costumes for HeroesCon 2012.  I LOVELOVELOVE the background blister pack area they added :) (and I’m highly amused that they actually said “Well, it has to fit Spider” when they designed it! HA!)

Friday: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld.  This went over really well, especially in light if the announcement that she would be returning, and penned by Christy Marx no less!

Saturday: Rogue (Silvestri era). This was her official debut, and she held up like a champ!  I’m very happy with how this came together, and while I could nitpick on some smaller stuff, I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing her quite a bit.

Sunday: Wonder Woman.  I will never be more nervous than I was wearing this out for the first time.  I mean, how do you even think about walking in the footsteps of a comics icon? But I’ve also never had a bigger response from kids.  One of my favorite moments was my boyfriend grabbing my bag, smiling and saying “Look out”.  I turned to see 2 little girls running as fast as they could up the aisles, and latching onto my legs and looking up at me with the biggest smiles.  For a moment there, I was Diana. :)