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Jocasta and Big Barda and just about ready for DragonCon (sans make-up and silver facepaint)

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  3. greyloch said: Definitely wants pics of you in both costumes, woman!! Big Barda is just sheer genius. But I’m wondering what kind of interfaces Jocasta’s equiped with? Wi-fi? USB? Firewire? or maybe… Thunderbolt? *lecherous grin*
  4. brentkeane said: Appropiately enough, your Jocasta calls to mind Maria from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.
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    Dragon*Con is known for having THE best comic-based cosplay, and I’m certain this year will be better than ever :D These...
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    I just—-
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    I may scream in excitement if I see that Barda.
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    Holy crap they’re both badass!
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